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Roadside Advantage Membership only $52

Enroll in Allstate Motor Club's Roadside Advantage Membership Plan for only $52 the first year!

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Take Advantage of the Allstate Motor Club Discounts and Insurance Deals

Allstate Motor Club Discounts: Stay safe for less

Car insurance rates seem to be soaring to new heights this year, part of the reason more drivers are making the switch to Allstate insurance. One of the unique perks of having Allstate insurance is you can sign up for their roadside assistance package which offers numerous benefits and incredible insurance deals too.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance
As a member of the Allstate Motor Club, you can rest assured that you have a trusted company at the ready in case anything were to go wrong while on the highway. Not only are you protected while in your home town, coverage travels with you wherever you may roam. Whether you are locked out of your car, run out of fuel, get a flat tire, or a dead battery, your Allstate Motor Club coverage ensures help is on the way.

Your Allstate Motor Club membership means you have the piece of mind knowing someone is a call away to help when trouble strikes.

Discounted Car Rental Prices
As a member of the Allstate Motor Club, renting a car around the world just got that much cheaper. In addition to enjoying discounts on your travel plans, you will be able to secure any size rental car that you need for less than the advertised pricing. That savings could be just enough to allow you to splurge on your trip or to upgrade to a better class car.

Not only will your Allstate Motor Club membership discount the price of the rental car, it can save you money on airfare and your hotel reservations too.

Saving on Insurance Coverage
As a member of the Allstate family, not only will you be able to rest assured that you have someone at the ready when trouble strikes on the road, they can even help discount the cost of your insurance. In many cases, depending on your driving record, insurance deals are available that will reduce your annual premium and allow you to maintain the proper coverage for your family.

Regardless the amount of vehicles you have or how many members of the family need coverage, your Allstate insurance agent will work to make certain you're getting the right coverage.

Take advantage of the Allstate Motor Club deals and enjoy;
• Access to Roadside assistance benefits
• Save money when renting cars around the world
• Discounts from Allstate Motor Club to reduce insurance rates
• Assistance from knowledgeable customer service experts

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