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Boost Mobile Coupons delivers free special offers to your phone and allows Boost customers to save money every month

Save Money on Consumer Items With Boost Mobile Coupons

Boost have found a way to harness the power of millions of smartphone users to deliver free credit to their loyal users. Sounds to good to be true? It's not. All you need to do to receive daily offers and $5 monthly free credit is to download the Boost Mobile Coupons App. It really is as simple as that.

Receive Coupons from Boost Mobile's Retail Partners

Here's how the Boost plan works. When you download the app, it will run in the background automatically (until you opt out of the Boost Coupons scheme). When you turn on your mobile, Boost will send you a special offer from one of their partner retailers. It could be a deal for a digital camera, a local experience or a gadget like a hoverboard. Boost have struck up relationships with all kinds of retailers, so you never can tell what kind of Coupons will emerge. However, when you sign up, you'll be asked to specify your interests, so you can be confident that the Coupons won't be completely irrelevant.

How To Claim Your Monthly Boost Mobile Credit

To claim a monthly $5 credit, the only thing Boost users need to do is to view a single advert every day, representing a second or two of your time just after you turn on your phone. After you've viewed an offer a day (or more) for 20 days in a row, Boost will send you your reward, and at the end of each 30 day period, the $5 will be credited to your Boost account. It's an easy way to pay for a few SMS messages or call every month, with hardly no effort involved.

If you become tired of the Boost Coupons app, you can easily remove it. All you'll have to do is load up the app and uninstall or pause the Coupons. Of course, you'll lose the credit for that month, but some people find the constant adverts intrusive.

Some of the key features of Boost Mobile Coupons include:

  • Rack up a monthly credit to spend on Boost Mobile services

  • Free special offers sent to your phone every day

  • Easy uninstall and pause

  • It's completely free of charge

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