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Unsure where you might find the best travel agent in Brazil and South America? Hotel Urbano can help holidaymakers in South America narrow down their current search, provides ideas and inspiration to those who haven’t made their mind up or find exactly what they are looking for if you know where you want to go and what you want to do. Hotel Urbano Coupons offers a comprehensive service and is the number one place for breaks in South America.

Hotel Urbano Coupons – What is it like?

Hotel Urbano has a collection of expert, in-depth travel guides for locations across Brazil to provide you with up to date insider information on your holiday destination. When you click on the destination, you will receive information on hotels, packages and featured packages in that area, as well as travel tips for that particular location in a handy well-written guide complete with pictures.

What do Hotel Urbano Sell?

You can also browse and book tours, an incredibly useful feature that isn’t often found on other travel websites – as it says on the website, “after the passage and lodging, only the tours are missing”. You can browse through the listings by location, and will likely be impressed by the large number of tours that are on offer.

Hotel Urbano doesn’t just stop there though – you can browse hundreds of carefully constructed package holidays at great prices, compare prices on flights and even browse and compare the airlines instead of just the flights. As well as all this you can browse and buy tickets for events, concerts, festivals, zoos and much, much more for any destination in Brazil.

Hotel Urbano Coupons Facts and Figures

  • Hotel Urbano is the largest online travel agent in South America and has provided its customers with a whopping 9 million days’ worth of lodgings in hotels and on vacation since its founding.

  • Founded in 2011 Hotel Urbano has grown to a huge company worth around $500 Million US Dollars thanks to great value, fantastic customer relations and a wonderful user experience.

  • The largest and most liked Facebook page for tourism in the world thanks to their expertise in the market.

  • In-depth collection of travel guides written by experts.

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