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Shop Details has the best prices for accommodation, flights and holidays booked at the last minute. Sometimes you have a lot of time to plan and book your trip but sometimes you have to make a last minute trip for an emergency or simply just get the urge to have an impulse holiday. Coupons can help you to save as much money as possible so that you have more money for the rest of your trip.

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One of the ways that Dealz make travel more affordable is to offer hotels deal without releasing the name. This is a great way for higher end hotel brands to discount vacant rooms without lowering their brand value, and it can also offer you a chance to stay at great 4 or 5 star hotesl for the price of a much cheaper hotel. This can be great if you need to make a trip you didn't plan on, such as traveling for a funeral or other unplanned life event and want to be able to retreat to a comfortable room afterward.

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Another way you can save money with is through their attractive combo Coupons where you buy the flights and hotel at the same time. This can save a lot of money and can be a great way to grab an affordable holiday if you get the urge to get away for a week or just have a week of holidays and no plans on how to use it! Many of the dealz even have activities built into the packages or credit for food and drinks. That leaves you more money to spend on enjoying your holiday.

The website is an easy to book your travel at any time and even has a convenient mobile website so that you can book your travel on the go. It's perfect for casual travelers or people who are regularly needing to make last minute travel plans.

  • First point: Great value Coupons on unbranded hotels for a low price

  • Second point: Combo Coupons are perfect for an impulse getaway

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