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Great yarns and natural wools from Woolovers Deals

Woolover -- a first choice for knitwear lovers everywhere..

In response to a love of wool, and all natural yarns, Woolovers was set up in 1989. Now, they have websites in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA, as well as a French and Russian website too, and Woolovers deals are a great way to try what they offer. Sticking to their core business of lovely knitwear, made from durable, high quality natural fibres, like, Wool, Cotton, Cashmere and Silk, they have a loyal following that's growing fast.

Quality classics and contemporary style.

With a discerning customer base, built by touring Equestrian and County fairs and meet ups, Woolovers have now sold over a million pieces of their classic and contemporary knitwear worldwide. They now have around 160 styles, and about 180 different colors and color combinations to choose from,but still have a reputation for quality and style that has made them market leaders, and trusted by many.

High standards and high ecological ethics.

All perfectly fitted, beautifully fashioned and designed, the styles are a mix of classic, dependable items, and a fast growing range of contemporary knitwear which wins new customers all the time. This is also a company that truly believes in sustainability, and the ecological benefits of using real, natural fibers and they have built a great reputation for fostering and maintaining good relationships with local suppliers and use environmentally friendly practices for yarn manufacture.

Regular deals are great for returning customers.

With a great knack for competitive pricing, Woolovers Deals are also a great way to stock up on favorites and new ideas for all your knitwear. As an on line only store, Woolovers have become leaders in their field. There's lots of two for one deals which are especially attractive, and at the end of each season, they have deals of exceptional value. From cool cottons for Summer days, to chunky sweaters for cozy evenings by the fire, the range is stunning. In association with Woolmark and the 100% Pure Wool board, they have kept their standards consistently high and all their wool sweaters are machine washable.

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